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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Information on the life in Nonsan

Local festivals

Strawberry Festival

  • Strawberry Festival

    Nonsan produces 15% of delicious and fragrant pollution-free strawberries in Korea. The festival is held on April of every year and it forms a harmony between fresh strawberries and cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

    • Period: Around the month of April every year
    • Place: Riverside of Nonsancheon River

Fermented Salted Fish Festival

  • Fermented Salted Fish Festival

    Every year in October, a program is held to entice the audience with the excellence of Ganggyeong Port's 200-year tradition of Salted fish.

    • Period: Around the month of October every year
    • Place: Entire area of Ganggyeong Port and salted fish market

Jujube Festival

  • Jujube Festival

    Yeonsan covers 40% of all dates distributed within Korea. A festival is held every year around the month of October to promote the excellence of Yeonsan jujubes, offer a chance to purchase jujubes at a cheaper price, and participate in various events.

    • Period: Around the month of October every year
    • Place: Yeonsan Traditional Market

Dried Persimmon Festival

  • Dried Persimmon Festival

    The Yangchon Dried Persimmon Festival is held every year in December to promote the delicious and fleshy quality of dried persimmons harvested in the region. The festival features an array of events to share the joy of harvests, such as picking persimmons and carving dried persimmons.

    • Period: Around the month of December every year
    • Place: Yangcheon Sports Park and Innae Market

Sangweol Sweet Potatoes

  • Sangweol Sweet Potatoes

    Sangweol Sweet Potatoes are teeming with nutritive value and the energy of Gyeryong Mountain. Enjoy various events and take part in the joy of the harvest at the annual Sangweol Sweet Potato Festival, held around September each year.

    • Time : Annually, around September
    • Location : Geumgang University, Daemyeong Ri, Sang-Weol Township