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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Information on the life in Nonsan

Multi-cultural Family Center

Nonsan City Multi-cultural Family Center Programs

Nonsan City Multi-cultural Family Center Programs
Classifi cation Field Details Target
Basic projects Korean language Korean language courses divided into four different levels Training courses for the Korean language proficiency exams [TOPIK, KLPT] Marriage
Multi-cultural understanding education Understanding of multiple cultures and societies, cultural conflicts within multi-cultural families and adaptation strategies, history and culture from other countries (Based on marriage immigrants' countries and Korea)
Practical cooking class, Korean cuisine cooking class
Multi-cultural families
Law and human rights Stay in Korea, protection of human rights and enhancing rights, law in our everyday lives
Understanding on marriage and family Understanding on marriage and family, guide on family education-related institutions, communication among family members, characteristics of multi-cultural marriages, plans for family economics
Korean society adaptation course Public institutions and etiquette, health and healthcare, pregnancy and childbirth, understanding on social security policies, Korea's education policy, information on other fields
Consumer economy education Course on consumer protection and economics
Multi-culture family course Couples training, in-law training, parent-children self-esteem training, etc
Couples training, in-law training, parent-children self-esteem training, etc Image building, basic work training, work skills, job tours, driving license course, informatization training, nursing, birth assistant, etc. Marriage
Multi-culture family group meeting Group meeting for marriage immigrants based on country, group meeting for all marriage immigrants, translator meeting, other gatherings Multi-cultural families
Personal or family counseling Various legal issues, couples problems, parent-child conflicts, children issues, sexual issues, economic issues, employment issues, mental therapy and others
Promotion and operation Infant care information sharing center Offers childcare-related services and short-term childcare during opening hours of the center Children of multi-cultural families
Volunteer activities Rainbow farm : cultivating vegetables from home countries
Participate in volunteer center events, Salted Fish Festival, etc. – promotion of multi-culture food
Multi-cultural families, local residents
Improving stereotypes of multi-culture families Improving stereotypes for kindergartens, promotion materials, multi-culture campaign, regional festival, multi-culture experience, multi-culture books in the foreign language