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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Information on the life in Nonsan

Home Care Business for mothers, fathers, and children

Standards for selecting low-income single-parent families

Regular standard
  • A family consisting of a mother or father as a sole household head and a child below the age of 18 falling under the following category
  • Family that is widowed, divorced, or separated from the spouse
  • Family where the head is married to a spouse who suffers from mental or physical disabilities that prevent basic labor capacity for a long period of time
  • Single parent households (Excludes de facto marriages)
  • Family where it is uncertain if the spouse is alive or not
  • Family where the spouse has left home due to discord or other reasons
  • Family where the spouse is residing abroad or serving at a foreign location for a long time and cannot support the family
  • Family where the spouse is a foreigner residing in Korea and raising a child with a Korean nationality
Countable Income Calculation Method
  • Same as National Minimum Livelihood Security policy
  • Basic assets
    • Large cities: 54 million won, Small to Medium cities: 34 million won, Agricultural   Fishing Towns: 29 million won
  • Income Exchange Rate
    • General assets 4.17%, Financial Assets 6.26%
    • Passenger vehicles 100%(excluding one vehicle of under 2000cc for the use of disabled persons)
    • If vehicle is direct means of livelihood, 50% of vehicle value shall be countable (limited to 1 vehicle)
Selection criteria per number of family members (130% or less of the minimum living expenses based on the amount of recognized income)
Selection criteria per number of family members (130% or less of the minimum living expenses based on the amount of recognized income)
Division 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons
Single parent or grandparent-headed family
(130% of minimum living expenses)
1,366,362 won 1,767,594 won 2,168,827 won 2,570,061 won 2,971,293 won

Application procedure

Application period

Throughout the year

Application procedure

Request for consultation and submit application to the eup or myeon resident center listed in the resident card. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs will select the accepted applicants after receiving reviews on the resident life support department and the review board.

  • 50,000 Won childcare support for children under 12
  • Entrance fee and class fees for elementary/middle/high school students, school supplies, capabilities development, field trip, reference materials purchase fees
  • Annual winter expenses (200,000 Won)
  • Technical Training Support for Single Householders : All training fees and materials expenses; 3 month living costs at 400,000 Won/Month