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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Information of the Life in Korea

Residence of Foreigners

Confirmation of Passport and Visa Expiry Date

Confirmation of Passport and Visa Expiry Date


Passports are identification documents containing the personal information of the passport holders, including their nationality. Travelers are required to carry the passport, as they guarantee the personal status of the passport holders and are used for diverse purposes.

Korean Visa
Korean Visa
Certificate of Alien Registration
Certificate of Alien Registration
  1. Alien registration number
  2. Alien registration number
  3. Nationality printed in your passport
  4. Address in Korea
  5. Visa status
  6. Date of issue (top) Expiration date (bottom)
    You must apply for an extension of the sojourn period before the sojourn period expires.
  7. Immigration office of issue
Short-term Residents (Type C up to 90 days)

The expiry date specified on the Visa is the expiry date of the permitted stay.

Long-term Residents and Denizened Foreign Residents : Holders of foreign resident registration cards

The dates marked on the right side of the bottom of the Foreign Resident Registration Card are the expiry dates of the permitted stay. When an extension to the permitted stay is granted, the dates marked on the back of the card are the expiry dates of the permitted stay.

Marriage Immigrants

The rules applicable to long-term residents and denizened foreign residents are applied to marriage immigrants.

* Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)