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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Introduction of Nonsan City


 History of Nonsan City

Nonsan is located in the lower part of Korea, which takes the shape of a roaring tiger. As such, it has long been a core source of power, and the area has been settled by our ancestors since the prehistoric times. During the Samhan period, the city was part of Mahan, and in the period of the Three States, it was a part of Baekjae. In fact, the city was once the site of Baekjae's final battle between Baekjae's 5,000 soldiers led by General Gyebaek and the 50,000 army led by Shilla's General Kim Yushin

History of Nonsan City

  • 1914.03.01Yeonsan, Eunjin, Noseong, and Seokseong merged into Nonsan-gun (15 myeons)
  • 1931.04.01 Ganggyeong-myeon was upgraded to Ganggyeong-eup (1 eup 14 myeons)
  • 1938.10.01Nonsan-myeon was upgraded to Nonsan-eup (2 eups 13 myeons)
  • 1963.01.01Gujagok-myeon merged with Hwanghwa-myeon from Iksan, Jeonbuk into Yeonmu-eup
    (3 eups 12 myeons)
  • 1989.01.01 Namseon-ri from Jinjam-myeon Daedeok-gun is transferred to Duma-myeon
  • 1990.02.19 Gyeryong local office was installed in Duma-myeon
  • 1996.03.01 Nonsan-eup was upgraded to Nonsan City and was divided into Chwiam-dong and
    (Buchang-dong (2 eups 12 myeons 2 dongs)
  • 2003.09.19 The Gyeryong local office at the Nonsan City was divided into Gyeryong City
    (2 eups 11 myeons 2 dongs)