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The vitalized Nonsan! The happy residents!!

Introduction of Nonsan City


Netizens and fellow citizens!
Hello.I'm Nonsan city mayor myeong-sun Hwang.
Welcome to Nonsan city website.

Our city, located between the vast Tapjeong lake and Dae-Dun mountain, boasts beautiful seasonal vistas. Home to studies of Confucian rituals, our plentiful home is a sanctuary for nature. Our city of Nonsan places human-centered values first, always working to improve education and welfare. We hope to make another large leap of progress, as a city of vibrant economic development and a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Netizens and fellow citizens!
The city of Nonsan aims to provide rich and fast information on regional development, regional administration and cultural events through our website. Please consider it a window for communication and participation, for the further growth of our city. We look forward to your caring comments and suggestions. We hope this website will help you to better know and grow closer to the city of Nonsan. Make Nonsan the home of your heart.

Thank You

nonsan the mayor Hwang Myeong-seon
Hwang Myeong-seon