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Nonsan City Internet Service User Agreement (Revision)

Chapter I General Rule
Article 1 (Objective)

Nonsan City ( Internet Service User Agreement (hereinafter "this Agreement") is aimed at specifying the right, obligation, and responsibility of Nonsan City and the Users in the use of Nonsan City's Internet-related Service (hereinafter "Service") by Nonsan City Internet Service Users (hereinafter "User").

Article 2 (Definition)
  • ① The definition of the terms used in this Agreement shall be as follow.
    • 1. Agreement on the Use: Agreement executed between Nonsan City and the User related with the use of the Service
    • 2. Subscription: Act of filling in the application form for joining provided by Nonsan City with the relevant information, agreeing to this Agreement, and completing the agreement on the Service Use
    • 3. Member: Person who registered as a member by providing personal information required for joining as member for Nonsan City Internet Service (Real name identification or public I-PIN, etc.)
    • 4. Non-member: Person who uses the Service provided by Nonsan City without joining as member
    • 5. Foreign member
      • a) Foreign member residing at home: Person who joined as member on the homepage using the passport number or foreigner registration number
      • b) Foreign member residing abroad: Person who joined as member on the homepage using E-mail, etc.
      • c) ID (Member Number): Combination of English letters and numeric characters applied by the user for identifying the member and using the membership service (One ID is to be issued for one resident registration number only)
      • d) PASSWORD: Combination of English letters and numeric characters determined by the user for the protection of the member's information
      • e) Termination: The expression of opinion that Nonsan City or the member terminates the use agreement after the member used the service
  • ② The definition of the terms used in this agreement shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations and the guide by services except the provision under paragraph 1 as above.
Article 3 (Effect of User Agreement and its Change)
  • ① This Agreement shall become effective for the users to join the Service when it is posted on Nonsan City Internet Service or by any other means.
  • ② If judged necessary, Nonsan City may change the contents of the Agreement, and the agreement so amended shall be publicly notified on the bulletin board so that the users can acknowledge it. When the user fails to express the opinion of refusal within 7 days from the announcement, it will be deemed that the user has agreed to the change in the Agreement.
  • ③ The user can stop using the Service and cancel the Agreement on the service use if the user does not agree to the change in the Agreement. The continued use of service after the Agreement takes into effect shall be deemed that the user has agreed to the use of the changed agreement.
  • ④ In the event the user agrees to the contents of this agreement, the Nonsan City's act of providing and the user's act of using the Service, this Agreement shall apply preferentially. For the matters not specified in this Agreement, the Electric Framework Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Information Communication Ethics Committee Review Regulation, Information Communication Ethics Code, Copyright Act, and any other relevant laws of the Republic of Korea may apply.
Article 4 (Application of the Agreement)
  • ① This Agreement shall apply concerning the use of service provided through the Internet Service by Nonsan City, and for any other matter not specified in this Agreement, the relevant regulation and the intent of the guideline by services may apply.
  • ② This Agreement shall become effective to the user when the user agrees to the Agreement after joining as member.
Chapter II Rights and Obligations of the Contract Parties
Article 5 (Obligation of Nonsan City)
  • ① Nonsan City is obliged to provide the service in a consistent and stable manner as specified in this Agreement, provided that, the Service may be suspended, in part, temporarily for any technical or administrative reason of Nonsan City, and also suspended for a certain period of time specified by the City for the purpose of regular checking, etc.
  • ② At the occurrence of opinion or complaint raised by the user, Nonsan City shall immediately treat it in principle when it is deemed justified, provided that, the reason and the treatment schedule of such can be notified to the users through telephone, e-mail, etc. in case it cannot be treated immediately.
  • ③ Nonsan City is obliged to protect the users' personal information in accordance with「Act on Personal Information Protection of Public Institution」concerning the information obtained from the users, and prepare the technical and administrative measures to protect the personal information of the users.
  • ④ Nonsan City shall immediately destroy the applicable personal information when it accomplished the purpose of collecting or having provided the personal information, provided that, any of the following cases shall be treated as exceptional;
    • 1. There exists the necessity to preserve it under the regulation of the relevant law.
    • 2. When the period of possession is announced to the user or expressed in advance.
    • 3. When the agreement is made by the user individually.
Article 6 (Obligation of Users)
  • ① The users have to enter his/her true and correct information when registering the user's information to use the service, and the entered information can be read or corrected at any time through the member management information.
  • ② In case there is a change in the information already entered at the time of joining as member, the user shall immediately correct it. Any problem that may arise from non-correction shall be the responsibility of the user.
  • ③ The user is not allowed to do any of the following acts;
    • 1. Act aimed at a criminal behavior or deemed to be connected with crime such as instigating the criminal behavior
    • 2. Act of illegally using the ID of another user
    • 3. Act of making commercial use of the information obtained from the Service by means of changing, reproducing, transmitting, publishing, distributing, and broadcasting the posted information without prior consent of Nonsan City, or having a third party to do such act.
    • 4. Act of infringing the rights of others, such as the copyright or personal right of Nonsan City or third party, etc.
    • 5. Act of posting the contents that violate this Agreement or propagating commercial, unreasonable, or unhealthy contents
    • 6. Act of causing inconvenience in the business operation of Nonsan City
    • 7. Act of illegally using the name of another user for the Information communication Service
    • 8. Act of sending by e-mail, posting, or recommending unnecessary or unauthorized advertisement, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "painted text", "pyramid organization", etc.
    • 9. Act of violating any other relevant law
  • ④ In the event the user violates this Agreement, Nonsan City may restrict or suspend the user from using the Nonsan City Internet Service under Article 8 of this Agreement.
  • ⑤ The user shall observe the provisions specified by this Agreement, user's guide or instruction manual, and any other instruction announced or posted separately by Nonsan City.
  • ⑥ The user may not conduct sales activity using the Service provided by Nonsan City. In case this provision is violated, the violating user shall be responsible for compensating the loss incurred to Nonsan City or to other users arising from the said reason.
  • ⑦ Unless expressly agreed by Nonsan City in advance, the right to use of the Service or the position on the agreement on the use may not be transferred or given to another person, and may not be provided as security.
  • ⑧ Among the foreign members, the user registered as the foreign member residing at home specified under Article 2 is entitled to have the same right as that of the domestic member, but the foreign member residing abroad can use the bulletin board of the foreign language homepage only (English/Japanese/Chinese/Vietnamese/Cambodian), provided that, the postings in general that do not require real name authentication can be used by the foreign member residing abroad.
Article 7 (User's ID and Obligation of User concerning Password Management)
  • ① The user ID may be requested for change by Nonsan City at the occurrence of any of the following reasons; It can be deleted when there is no response to such request.
    • 1. When the user ID is registered with another person's telephone number or resident registration number that may result to the infringement of private life
    • 2. When it causes disgust to the others or harms our traditional custom
    • 3. When there is any other valid reason
  • ② The user has the sole responsibility for managing the user ID and Password, and he/she shall be careful not to neglect the management of the given ID and Password that may result in illegal use.
  • ③ In the event the ID is known to be used illegally, the user has to notify Nonsan City of such fact immediately.
Article 8 (Personal Information Protection Policy)
  • ① This Agreement is aimed at collecting the information on the member through the information provided by the member at the time of subscription agreement, which will be used for the performance of this Agreement and the provision of the service under this Agreement.
  • ② Nonsan City may not disclose or distribute to a third party, without consent of the subscriber, the member's information obtained in relation to the provision of the Service, or use it for commercial purpose, provided that, this provision shall not be applied in the following cases.
    • 1. At the request of the relevant authority for the purpose of investigation under the relevant law
    • 2. At the request of the Information Communication Ethics Committee
    • 3. At the request of others under the procedure by other relevant law
Chapter III Service Restriction, Suspension, and Termination
Article 9 (Agreement Termination and Limited Use)
  • ① Nonsan City may restrict the use of service, in part or in whole, without prior notice at the occurrence of any of the following cases;
    • 1. When the obligation of the user specified under this Agreement is not observed
    • 2. When massive amount of information is transmitted for the purpose of disturbing the stable operation of the Service or promotional information is consistently transmitted contrary to the opinion of the receiver
    • 3. When the computer virus program that may induce destruction of information or mal-operation of information communication facility is propagated
    • 4. When the intellectual property right of another user or third party is infringed
    • 5. When there exists a request of correction from an external agency such as Information Communication Ethics Committee, etc. or the authoritative interpretation is delivered from the National Election Commission concerning the illegal election campaign
    • 6. When personal information such as another member's user ID, password information, etc. is illegally used
    • 7. When information obtained through the use of service is reproduced or distributed, or commercially used without prior consent of Nonsan City
    • 8. When the user violates the relevant law such as Electric Communication Related Regulation
    • 9. When the subscription information of the user is that of the other illegally used
    • 10. When one user made multiple registrations using different IDs
    • 11. When causing damage to other's honor or causing disadvantage to others
    • 12. When the user posts pornographic materials on the bulletin board, or links to the pornography sites
    • 13. When the user violated any other terms and condition for service use specified by Nonsan City
Article 10 (Prohibition of Transfer)

The member may not transfer or give the right to use of service, or any other position on the service use to others, and the right to use of service may not be provided as a security.

Article 11 (Objection to Limited Use, etc.)
  • ① The user who is terminated or restricted from the use of service under Article 8 may raise objection against such measure if there is any.
  • ② Nonsan City may temporarily delay the suspension of use until the time when such objection under paragraph 1 as above is verified, and the result shall be immediately notified to the user.
  • ③ Nonsan City shall immediately release the action on the suspension of use when the reason of the suspended use of service is proved to be cleared out.
Article 12 (Postings of Users)
  • ① The copyright to the postings in the Service posted by the user belongs to the user, and Nonsan City may use it by posting on the other Service.
  • ② Nonsan City may delete without prior notice the postings registered or posted by the user when they are deemed to belong to any of the following;
    • 1. Defamation to Nonsan City, other users or third party, or dishonoring them by mudslinging, etc.
    • 2. Violation against public order and our traditional custom
    • 3. Being deemed to have connection with a criminal act
    • 4. Infringement to the copyright of Nonsan City or third party, and any other right
    • 5. User's act of posting pornography, commercial, or unreasonable/illegal/unhealthy contents on the bulletin board
    • 6. Being deemed to violate any other relevant regulations
  • ③ The civil and criminal liabilities that may arise due to the user's postings that infringe other's copyright, program copyright, etc. are entirely on the user.
  • ④ The user may not conduct commercial behavior of processing/selling the information using the service provided by Nonsan City.
Article 13 (Suspension of Service)
  • ① Nonsan City may suspend the provision of service when any of the following situations occur;
    • 1. National emergency situation, system checking/maintenance, replacement, malfunction, communication interruption, etc.
    • 2. When the trunk communication service provider authorized under the Electric Communication Related Act stopped the electric communication service
    • 3. Any other uncontrollable reason
  • ② In the case of service suspension with regards to the provision of service by Nonsan City, the temporary suspension of service can be implemented after such suspension is posted on the bulletin board of Nonsan City for at least 7 days, provided that, it is exceptional owing to the impossibility of sending prior notice due to the suspension of service from the reason that may not be controlled by Nonsan City (Disc error, system down, etc without any intention or mistake of the system manager).
  • ③ With regards to the service suspension under paragraph 1, Nonsan City shall not be responsible for any of the cases where the communication message transmitted or stored in this Service is deleted or not properly stored, or any other communication data is lost.
  • ④ When the service should be suspended permanently for the reason of Nonsan City, the paragraph 3 as above shall apply, when the prior notice shall be announced for at least one month in advance.
Article 14 (Ownership of Nonsan City)
  • ① Nonsan City shall have the title to; Service provided by Nonsan City, software, image, mark, logo, design, service name, information required for such service, and intellectual property right related with trademark, etc.
  • ② The member is not allowed to engage in the act of correcting, leasing, lending, selling, distributing, producing, transferring, sub-licensing, putting as security, or commercially using the assets, in part or in whole, under paragraph 1 as above except for the case expressly approved by Nonsan City, and may not have the third party do such acts.
Chapter IV Compensation for Loss, etc.
Article 15 (Range of Loss Compensation and its Claim)

Nonsan City may not compensate for the loss when the loss incurred to the user by the Service was uncontrollable due to natural disaster, etc. or caused by the intention or mistake on the part of the user.

Article 16 (Exemption from Responsibility)
  • ① Nonsan City shall be immune from non-accomplishment of expected profit through the provision of service by Nonsan City, and the loss that arise from the acquisition of service data and selection or use of the service.
  • ② Nonsan City shall be immune from the occurrence of disorder in the use of service from the reason on the part of the user.
  • ③ Nonsan City shall be immune from the data posted or transmitted by the user and the property of data such as authenticity, reliability, accuracy, etc. that can be used by the user.
  • ④ Nonsan City shall be immune from any loss arising from the situation where the users conduct transaction through the service between the users or with the third party.
  • ⑤ Nonsan City shall be immune from any dispute that occurs between the users or with the third party without the responsibility of Nonsan City.
Article 17 (Dispute Settlement)

Nonsan City and the users, at the occurrence of the dispute on personal information, may bring the case before the Personal Information Settlement Committee in the Korea Information Protection Center to settle the dispute in a prompt and effective manner, and such case shall be brought to the Nonsan Local District Court as its exclusive competent court


This Agreement shall take effect from October, , 2010.